LDRS XXXI July 12 – 16 2012

The Tripoli Rocketry Association’s 31st annual national launch LDRS, is set for July 12 through 16, 2012 at Torry Farms of Potter, NY. This former swamp nestled in the heart of the picturesque Finger lakes region, is now a productive farm has been the home to LDRS 28 and the Upstate Research Rocketry Group URRG since our inception.

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Many flyers across the US and even some of our international friends set their project schedules to bring their large and unique rockets to LDRS. Over the years, many one-of-a-kind extreme projects have debuted at LDRS, and undoubtedly, LDRS 31 will be no exception.

July 12 — Research
July 13 — Research
July 14 — Commercial
July 15 — Commercial
July 16 — Research