Competition” is a contest between individuals, groups, animals, etc. for territory, a niche, or a location of resources. In the case of Rocketeer’s it is who can burn the MOST APCP (that’s rocket fuel) in a single flight. LDRS XXXI will be full of Really COOL Flights.



Launch Director’s Drag

It would seem the smack talk is well underway with the Supreme Commander (Dutch) and Deputy Junior Second Assistant Launch Director (Al Gloer) Details to come, (smart money’s on Dutch he cheats)
Update: This is Heating up Al is gonna fly on a Cluster of 3 “M” EX motors. Dutch will be a single “O” EX.


K and S Battle Wolf Drag Race - Altitude Competition

We offer Parachutes, Recovery Harnesses, Centering rings, Bulkheads, Fire Protection, Ground Support, Kits and more.

Da Rules:
Must use a K and S Rocket Battle Wolf rocket
Must use a altitude recording altimeter
Rocket must return complete
Must use a 29-240 H series motor or a CTI Pro29 4gr H motor
If there is a tie for altitude we will look at the video to see who was the first off the pad to break the tie in each rack of rockets. If there is more than one rack of rockets, the winner from each rack will compete against each other for the prize.

The Prize: LDRS 31 Special. 4″ dia, 76.8″ tall, 54mm motor mount and is dual deployment. This kit will come with everything you need less motor and electronics.


GIZMO XL “L” Drag Race

8″ Gizmo XL
“L” motor research or otherwise (cheating is of course allowed and encouraged)
First one to some altitude to be determined by the sponsor is the winner. (Wildman?)
It must be stable! get the cp/cg pesky rocket science stuff done first. (what kind of rule is that?)